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An Autumn Refrain

With the days growing short
And the air growing crisp
Old Mother Nature is doing her part
While things are added to my bucket list!
There is many a thought
Running through my mind
In this Autumn time of the year.

Gold finches are gone from my feeder
And cardinals have taken their place.
Chickadees hang out in the cedar,
The migrating birds have left not a trace.
But I welcome the arrival of winter birds
Who bring joy unto my mind
In this Autumn time of the year.

Jack Frost will make his cold debut
In the not too distant weeks.
He seems to replace the Summer’s dew--
As the wind gives her call and speaks
Stirring my imagination and thoughts
With dreams and wishes filling my head
In this Autumn time of the year.

I think of hiking a woodland trail
While the foliage is giving a show.
Mr. fox squirrel  twitching his bushy tail,
A big buck chasing after a doe.
These scenes and others cross my mind…
A good night’s camping without any fear
In the Autumn time of the year.

Nature’s colorful, beautiful fall show
Doesn’t last for an extended time.
We pause for a glimpse while on the go
Never standing in some long waiting line.
These scenes and memories come to mind
While I watch the leaves floating down
In the Autumn time of the year.

The encore we want is one year’s wait
And a lot must happen before then.
A cycle will happen but never is late---
Some cold weather, sunshine, rain and wind.
So I’ll just enjoy the days of the cycle
Starting right now, in today,
In this Autumn time of the year.

Charlie Covington
November 15, 2017
Arlington, Tennessee 38002