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Night Vision: Improving on a Legend
NEW Armasight by FLIR PVS-14 multi-purpose tactical night vision monocular provides 25% more viewing area

WILSONVILLE, OR (January 25, 2018) – The AN/PVS-14multi-purpose night vision monocular was commissioned by the United States Military in the late ‘90s. Today, there are still more AN/PVS-14 units deployed in NATO forces around the world than any other night vision device. The AN/PVS-14 was the first real multi-use night vision monocular, fulfilling a wide variety of Military needs. Due to its versatile and reliable service history, it also became one of the most popular night vision units for law enforcement professionals

The new Armasight by FLIR PVS-14-51 is a single-tube multi-purpose tactical night vision monocular employing the same framework and battle-proven design as the legendary AN/PVS-14, but updated with a full range of FLIR’s Gen2+, Gen3, and advanced FLAG Filmless Auto-Gated IIT night vision technologies.

Starting at $3,295, the lightweight and rugged Armasight by FLIR PVS-14 series is available in 13 unique models spanning multiple levels of performance and price points, All models feature either 40° or 51° fields-of-view (FOV) for broad peripheral vision in near zero light conditions. The remarkable FOV of 51° models greatly increases situational awareness by providing 25% more viewing area, requiring minimal head turning, thereby reducing fatigue and making it easier track moving objects. A built-in IR illuminator and flood lens enhances night vision and allows for reading in the dark.

Compact, rugged and waterproof, the Armasight by FLIR PVS-14 is compatible with a host of accessories, allowing it to be handheld, mounted to a helmet, headgear, weapon, or camera. These multiple viewing and mounting options accommodate rapidly changing field needs. All models feature a manual gain control, and overall operation of the PVS-14 in the field has been carefully designed to be ergonomic, simple and easy.

Based on the storied performance and versatility of the original AN/PVS-14, Armasight by FLIR’s new PVS-14 multi-purpose tactical night vision monocular utilizes the latest FLIR technology. Designed for the most demanding nighttime Military or law enforcement operations, the Armasight by FLIR PVS-14 is simply one of the best systems night vision systems available, offering excellent performance, situational awareness and reliability to law enforcement, tactical and security professionals, predator hunters, nuisance wildlife control specialists and outdoors enthusiasts. Learn more about all of FLIR’s advanced night vision and thermal-imaging optics for the outdoors and tactical markets at