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Saline, MI (Semptember 8, 2017) – Dentists and anglers agree on exactly one thing: Work around jaws and teeth is serious, sensitive business. It’s why practitioners of both trades wield instruments of precision extraction.

Safe bet no one cares to think about comingling the terms mouth andextraction. Which would certainly apply to the fish themselves, if by some miracle they learned to, you know, comprehend language.

As for us anglers, it’s slightly surprising how little thought has gone toward the proper removal of fish hooks from crappie, perch and bluegill mandibles. Other than working out what it takes to actually make the thing stick in a largemouth’s lip to begin with, the next important step is pulling the lure back out — both to retain possession of said lure and often, to release the fish safely back into the water. And with apologies to fishermen and oral surgeons everywhere, the hemostat is, quite honestly, rather Y2K.

Enter modern hook extracting miracle, the Cold Snap T2 Toothpick. The quickest, slickest, most fish - and lure-friendly hook remover on the planet, the Toothpick pops free even those troublesome hooks lodged way back in the larynx. The name of the game is preserving your expensive premium hooks, tungsten jigs and other valuable lures. Performing the procedure with minimal stress on fish is another beautiful benefit.

“Grabbing an impaled jig with a forceps or pliers scratches and flakes lure paint and can bend or break your fine wire FISKAS Wolfram Jigs,” notes Jamie Olson, ace angler and proprietor of Your Bobber’s Down, Inc., an online retailer of elite-grade fishing tackle and hard-to-find accessories.

“The T2 Toothpick features a specialized V-slot,” Olson adds. “Doesn’t pinch the hook at all. Rather, you apply quick direct pressure to the hook bend, which backs the barb out and cleanly removes the lure. Honestly, a ton of top-level ice and panfish anglers now use the Toothpick; many of them have removed pliers and hemostats from their lanyards altogether.”

Admittedly, nothing will save you from the angst of a sit-down with the local tooth doctor. But the T2 Toothpick absolutely eliminates the pain of piscatorial dentistry — all while preserving your precious tackle collection.