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Video: Thousands of Spiders Smother Field With Giant Spider Webs

When Tracey Marris went to the Gordan Spratt Reserve in Papamoa, New Zealand, she hardly expected to step into some peoples nightmare.

Tracey arrived to a large field of grass when she noticed something gleaming and flowing on top of the grass, but it wasn’t flowers. It turned out to be huge spider webs apparently spun by thousands of tiny spiders, according to SunLive.

“The web started at the top of the mound, which is up above the soccer fields,” Maris told SunLive. “It went almost right down to Papamoa College. I read an article about the same kind of thing a few years back where a whole heap of spiders created the same effect to escape flooding.”

Marris and her family assumed surely there aren’t any spiders in there, but they were so wrong. They went to take a closer look, but started getting their feet stuck in all the web, and then they noticed “little black things on top,” Marris said, “literally thousands of them were everywhere.”